Courses I offer a variety of holistic treatments, courses and products all designed to improve your health and well-being.

My classes are designed for you to learn skills that will increase and enhance your own health and well-being, as well as being able to help both family and friends.

A specially designed package is available to be incorporated into corporate training including Energy Exercises and ways to improve and enhance mental clarity, focus, joy and well-being.

Body Shield Polarity Protector It helps to protect you from background electromagnetic radiation, and regain normal vitality by balancing out undue stress so that you feel calmer. It also aids positive attitudes within stressful situations.

Treatments and Therapies Using kinesiology, frequencies, energy medicine, reiki, sound, cranial sacral therapy and many other healing modalities my intention is to bring you to a place of harmony, peace and balance.

I am able to treat you online by either Zoom or Facetime.  Distance Healing is very effective and I have had amazing results over the years and I am able to take care of my clients no matter where they are.

Computer Shield Protect yourself from the harmful effects of Wi-Fi radiation.  Radiation from computers and laptops, routers and Smart Merters cannot be seen, heard or smelled so what we can do to mitigate our everyday exposure?  The answer is The Quartz Wi-fishield, a small, round device that is attached to your computer or laptop monitor. This will also work on the router and Smart Meter to protect you against the harmful biological effects of radiation.

The VIBE card The new and original Vibe Card is a personal 'bio-energy' system. The special hologram embedded card is designed to help protect you from environmental toxins using harmonious frequencies to bring the body back into balance. It represents a new and sophisticated way to protect ourselves from the unseen forces in our modern world.

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