Thermal Imaging Study

We recently conducted a case study of the effects on the body whilst using a mobile phone to make a 10min phone call, below we detail our findings along with thermal images taken throughout the process.

Our test subject, Claire was wearing a sleeveless shirt and her long hair was tied at the back of her head and fell over her shoulder. Two thermal images were taken.
1 – Claire’s face, neck & chest 2 – Claire’s right proile
1-Front-prior-to-Phone-Call 2-Right-Profile-prior-to-Phone-Call
Her skin tone registered in the yellow/red range and her teeth in the blue/green range. Claire’s clothes register as blue/green on the image and her hair in the blue/purple range indicating cool temperature.
Claire was asked to make a mobile phone call and, 5 minutes into the call, two further thermal images were taken…
3 – Claire’s face, neck & chest 4 – Claire’s right proile
3-Front-during-Phone-Call 4-Right-Profile-during-Phone-Call
Both images show a temperature increase by the expanded area of red around the nasal area, neck and chest.
After a total of 10minutes, the mobile phone call was ended and a further 3 thermal images were taken of Claire…
5 – Claire’s face, neck & chest 6 – Claire’s right proile 7 – Claire’s left profile
5-Front-after-10-minute-Phone-Call 6-Right-Profile-after-10-minute-Phone-Call 7-Left-Profile-after-10-minute-Phone-Call
The areas of red around the face neck and chest have spread with temperatures rising, there is a also a distinct increase in temperature with the white color featuring prominently around the ear, cheek and side of the neck. The left profile shows a marked difference in colour range/temperature from the right profile image.

What SCIENTIFIC PROOF is there that the Phoneshield and the Wi-Fishield work?

The PhoneShield technology was successfully tested by independent experts both in the United Kingdom and Internationally – Designed and manufactured in the UK


The Coghill Research Laboratories, which specialises in bioelectromagnetics – the science of investigating the interaction of electricity and magnetism with organic life carried out an independent study, the result of which eminent scientist and founder of the Coghill Research Laboratories Roger Coghill reported that the PhoneShield crystal resonator “is effective in mitigating the detrimental biological effects of cell phone radiation and thus affords significant protection to the viability (health) of human lymphocytes against RF/MW radiation”.

Roger Coghill is an acknowledged expert on electro magnetic radiation and gave evidence to the IEGMP. His tests proved that the biological damage to healthy human white blood cells by exposure to mobile phone radiation was reduced when a PhoneShield was attached to a mobile phone (cell phone).



Using the Asyra AT3 biofeedback device – which is registered with the US FDA as a device capable of monitoring the response of the physiology of the body to the output of an electromagnetic signal. The energetic response of 35 organ systems in the body was measured and assessed for balances, stressed or weakened. The number of organs registering stressed or weakened was then recorded. The test methodology was applied a total of 25 times to 20 individuals (with 5 having been repeated on different days.) i.e. a total of 75 baseline tests were recorded. The results indicated that the PhoneShield device had a positive impact on the level of total body stress when in close contact with a cell phone.



Three independent studies and testing protocols were carried out using muscle testing equipment and techniques by exposing the body to the intrusive effect of electromagnetic radiation from a mobile phone and the consequent notable reduction in energy level.

These tests all indicated that after the application of a PhoneShield to a mobile phone the PhoneShield was shown to be effective in restoring lost energy whilst continuing to expose the body to radiation. This energy loss is symptomatic of the lower resistance of the body’s mechanism to counteract harmful conditions.

The equipment and physical tests carried out, together with set physical protocols, were as follows:

a) Biodex System 4 Pro

The Biodex System 4 Pro is the latest and most advanced dynamometer in the world offering pioneering breakthroughs in neuromuscular testing and rehabilitation technology.

b) BTE Evaluator

BTE Technologies Evaluator automates and standardises the most widely referenced and peer-reviewed protocols in the evaluation of capabilities. The equipment has a full array of measuring devices that link directly to a laptop using the evaluator’s state-of-the-art software. Standardised testing and custom protocols were used to Industry standard using hand grip and pinch grip protocols.

c) Kinesiology (Muscle) Tests

Tests carried out by practitioners using Traditional Applied Kinesiology with a mobile phone, successfully demonstrated how the body’s nervous system is impaired by electromagnetic radiation (EMR) leading to a loss of muscle strength which is then restored by attaching a PhoneShield to the mobile phone (cell phone).



Independent tests carried out in laboratory conditions to evaluate the PhoneShield device using a state-of-the-art Spectran Analyser NF – 5030 which measures electrostatic and magnetic fields covering the frequency range from 10 Hz to 2GHz.

Results obtained showed that the PhoneShield solution does provide a reduction in the electric and magnetic fields generated by mobile phones without affecting function ability. The results showed a reduction of 37% – 58% in the non-thermal effects of weak microwave radiation.



Independent tests were carried out under laboratory controlled conditions by ELDAS, the most respected independent laboratory in Turkey, in their RF/EMI laboratory in Ankara using the narda ELT 400 electric/magnetic field measurement meter. The results show, when attaching a PhoneShield to a mobile phone a reduction of 24.07% – 25.25%. Measurements were carried out in the 10Hz range of frequencies.



Is a solid state electronic instrument designed to detect, quantify and transmit a full spectrum of IDF signals to enable the restoration of normal wave form patterns or functions of the biofield. All matter, through radiation, emits energy and absorbs energy at predictable levels. The SE-5, as a research device, can be used to analyse the subtle information content of matter. The instrument assists the operator in establishing, through electronic means, a conscious link with subtle body/brain energies.

Research was carried out, on a cross section of the general public, using the SE-5 Plus Intrinsic Data Analyser which demonstrated the effectiveness of the PhoneShield and Wi-fiShield Crystalline Radiation Protectors.



Although scientific tests play an important part in order to prove the effectiveness we attach as much importance to feedback from customers and this has proved that the Shields give 100% satisfaction by providing relief to those suffering from the early unpleasant effects of EMR like headaches, confusion, sleep disturbance, nausea and many other conditions.

All tests carried out clearly indicated that the detrimental effect of the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) on the human body was materially reduced as a result of the PhoneShield’s Bio-compatible re-instalment of balance to the body.



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