Anyone who would like to know more about this wonderful aspect of ourselves and start the alignment to the NEW YOU!


Reiki is a gentle but powerful and subtle treatment given simply through the laying on of hands.

Vital Wellness Program

Set up to educate and offer practical tools to everyone, this program is designed to help you cope with the times that we live in, take care of yourselves, your friends and families and generally know how to increase your level of well-being.


Learn to balance the Chakras using Healing Tuning Fork (HTF) Sound Therapy.

Vital Wellness Program


The most fun way to Raise Your Vibration!!

Raising your Vibration is one of the  best things you can do for yourself while we go through this stage of chaos. Keeping your energy and vibration high will keep you balanced, centered, joyful and loving, free from fear and connected to your truest self. Energy Exercises will help you do jut that.

Over the many years that I have been working with Energy as a Reiki Master, Kinesiologist, Sound Therapist and Vibrational Healer I have learnt a plethora of tools and techniques that can be used daily to enhance your health and well-being. These fun and easy tools will change your life! 

This unique collection of Energy Exercises has been compiled from various modalities to boost health, well-being, mental acuity and energy flow through the body.
Learn how to:

  • Helps to boost your immune system
  • Improve your eyesight & hearing
  • Clear stress form your body and your mind
  • Remove Fear
  • Balance your right and left brain for better cognition, concentration, clarity and energy and much more.  

Come and join me for a fun few hours and take away the gifts of a lifetime!

Learning ways to take care of yourself….. you know it makes sense!


NEXT CLASS on  ZOOM Tuesday May 19th
Cost $10.00  Time 10am PST   40 mins
Places are limited so contact me to book your place now!
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Energy Medicine is the medicine of the future...and the Future is NOW!!


Kinesiology uses a method of 'muscle testing' to talk to the innate intelligence of the body. It is designed to re-establish balance in a truly holistic way, by involving the physical, mental, emotional, chemical and electrical aspects of the body. The brain is a marvelous computer and knows everything about each system of your body.

March 25th 2017 Marina Del Rey

Join me  on ‘The Fast Track to Consciousness’  -  it’s a great ride. If you participate and use the tools I give you, you’ll find your life will change. You will open up a part of yourself that is dormant, and your true self will emerge, complete with the creativity you never knew you had. You’ll find the way to access that part of you that is divine – your divine self that knew you were coming here, made the necessary plans and then forgot.

Interested ?  Then please contact me to book a place 

This course will be availble online as a webinar so  its open to all, not just the Los Angeles area

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