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Using your laptop computer on your lap is, paradoxically, not a safe way to use it.  Just as research is emerging showing that cell phones should not actually be held right next to your head, research is showing that spending long hours with a laptop on your lap -- the use for which it isintended -- is likely harmful.  Ironic, isn't it? 

Smart Meter

Many people are not yet aware of the Smart meter issue.  Power distributors, around the world, have been changing analogue electric meters to "Smart Meters" that will give them MUCH more information apart from your electricity consumption.

California Radiation

The amended “Right to Ordinance” legislation, which will see retailers posting informational notices and informing customers about the radiation levels of specific devices on request, was met with unanimous approval this week by the City Operations and Neighbourhood Services Committee.

The Cell Phone Trap

It also seems inconceivable that the trillion dollar Cell Phone industry and governments worldwide could have pushed this technology without ever having solid research results proving the safety of cell phones.  If true that would be deadly frightening.  But that is exactly the reality. Is this a bizarre slip up or an intentional conspiracy between corporate and government interests?

Biological Effects of WiFi

According to a new study, electromagnetic radiation from cellular phones may affect bone strength. Men who wear their cell phone on the right side of their belts were found to have reduced bone mineral content and bone mineral density in the right hip.

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